Independent Technology Advisors


We’re on your side and provide you with:

Unbiased advice on any aspect of home and business technology systems

Equipment selection and system design

Integration company selection

Installation project management


You can benefit from our expertise and experience – Have the perfect equipment and systems installed for your individual needs – At no additional cost or for much less than if you worked directly with an Integration company. 



ita  – is totally independent, unbiased and with no ties to any manufacturers or Integrators.

Our sole purpose is to help our clients to obtain exactly the right equipment and systems for their individual needs, and to ensure these systems are installed correctly, in a timely manner and at the best possible price.


The great news is that in most cases our service is free to you


Our expertise includes these systems



  • Audio systems including hi fi stereo, surround sound and multi room audio
  • Video and TV systems including TV types, multi room distributed video and available sources
  • Home Theaters and Media Rooms Projection and screen options, video walls and theater sound Systems
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Automation and system control options
  • Security systems including alarms and video surveillance
  • Networks wired and wireless
  • Automated window treatments
  • Lighting design and LED systems
  • Landscape lighting
  • Stealth (hidden) systems