Helping You with the difficult task of selecting exactly the right equipment and systems for your own individual needs

totally independent, unbiased and with no ties to any manufacturers or Integrators.

With his decades of experience in the industry, and having worked as a consultant for several system integration companies, Mark Brooker, Lead Consultant at ita, felt that the only current methods available to purchase and install technology systems was unfair to his clients. Until now the only option has been to meet with local System Integration or Audio & Video Companies, tell them your needs, and they will design a solution. The problem is that these Companies are limited to one or two manufacturers for most types of equipment and one or two home automation systems. Their solutions are based on what they like to sell – and that seldom matches the clients actual need. So Independent Technology Advisers (ita) was born. 

We have and maintain an in-depth knowledge of home technology equipment and automation systems available, plus those planned or in development. Our consultants have many years experience in the Integration industry, designing systems on a daily basis.


Mark Brooker - Lead Consultant
Mark Brooker – Lead Consultant


Mark Brooker, Lead Consultant, ITA, has been involved in the technology and construction industries for over 38 years. He started as a Project Manager for a custom home builder in England, and later owned and managed two design and build companies specializing in commercial and residential environments including the associated technology systems. His clients have included many blue chip companies including a new European HQ for Maytag, a 120 person telephone response facility for Coca Cola and a 200 person $8 million commodities dealer and trading facility for Cargill.

Over the past 10 years he was the owner of Kimark Audio, a quality audio, video and control systems specialist 7,500 sq. ft. retail store in Sarasota and has consulted for the 3 largest system integration companies in the area.

Mark has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all audio and video equipment and of the multitude of system integration and control options available. His realization that Integration Companies are necessarily limited to just a few product lines and control systems they can provide, and that this limitation leads them to sell only those lines to their customers even if they are not the most suitable solutions available, led him to develop a new and unique service to benefit the end user.

Mark works with a team of industry experts and system designers. All hand selected for their high levels of expertise and experience